Mineral Wells

Mineral Wells, Texas

Mineral Wells is a stand-alone community of 17,000 citizens located in Palo Pinto and Parker counties just 45 miles west of Fort Worth, Texas. The area boasts excellent employment and business opportunities, and our stunning landscapes turn tourists into residents!

Mineral Wells offers and maintains a wide range of recreation, health, fitness and athletic programs for all citizens. To enhance the quality of life, we provide park facilities that are visually appealing to citizens and visitors by maintaining park grounds and specific right of way easements and entrances to Mineral Wells.

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Mineral Wells Area Chamber of Commerce

The Mineral Wells Area Chamber of Commerce has over 400 members working together for business and community success. The Chamber is the convention and visitors bureau for Mineral Wells and Palo Pinto County.

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Palo Pinto General Hospital

Palo Pinto General Hospital

Palo Pinto General Hospital is a ninety-nine bed acute care hospital with a $100,000,000 budget, that is accredited by The Joint Commission. Palo Pinto General Hospital has sixty-six registered nurses and over thirty local physicians representing all major disciplines. A state of the art emergency room plus specialty clinics, a physical therapy / fitness center, a dialysis center and elder care facilities make this an outstanding regional health center. A new medical office / professional services building is currently under construction.

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Clark Gardens

Clark Gardens

Clark Gardens is a breathtaking 50-acre oasis that awakens the senses, stirs the spirit and relaxes the mind. From the first spring blossoms to colorful fall and into the stillness of winter, there is a sense of magic. Wheelchair accessible pathways wind through lavish ribbons of color and fragrance.

Waterfalls sparkle in the sunlight, splashing down into ponds and lakes where black and white swans, along with other waterfowl, glide in the shimmering waters. You may see peacocks strutting, or get a glimpse of blue herons or great egrets swooping down, their huge wingspans casting shadows over the lakes. Join us and experience the beauty of nature.

From self-guided tours to group tour programs, at Clark Gardens you will find the perfect fit for your visit. The group tour programs are great for your garden or nature club, school, church, family, business or other organization. A variety of menu options are available to compliment your trip.

Clark Gardens provides a variety of rental facilities and offers many benefits that other locations do not.

With nine diverse venues from which to choose, you are sure to find the ideal place for your special event.

Whatever the occasion: garden wedding, reception, party, prom, club meeting, business meeting, family reunion, etc., Clark Gardens has the perfect venue to help make your event a success.

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Possum Kingdom Lake

Possum Kingdom Lake Marina

Possum Kingdom Lake is nestled in the foothills of the Palo Pinto Mountains. Located less than 90 miles west of Fort Worth, Texas, this Texas oasis boasts 18,000 acres of crystal clear water surrounded by awe-inspiring cliffs and rolling hills.

Possum Kingdom Lake has the amenities and services to meet your every need: dining, resorts, some of the finest marinas and golf courses, boating, diving, swimming, fishing, hiking, cycling and camping.

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Lake Mineral Wells State Park & Trailway

Lake Mineral Wells State Park & Trailway

Natural Beauty, Colorful History
Lake Mineral Wells State Park & Trailway sits in the heart of cattle country, near what was once a popular health resort. You will love the area's history and scenery, but you'll also enjoy the park's outdoor amenities: a lake, a rock climbing area, and miles of trails. We are just 45 minutes west of Fort Worth – c'mon over!

Hikers, bicyclists and horseback riders of all ages and abilities can enjoy the Trailway. Because it is a reclaimed railroad bed, it has flat grades and gentle curves.

From northwest of Weatherford in central Parker County, theTrailway travels 20 miles west to the downtown district of Mineral Wells in eastern Palo Pinto County. It connects to Lake Mineral Wells State Park, where you can camp and picnic.

The Trailway is 20 miles long and 10 feet wide. Two miles of surface from the downtown Mineral Wells trailhead toward the east are asphalt. Finely crushed and screened limestone tops the remaining 18 miles.

The 16 bridges have decks and rails for safety. The Trailway's 500-foot signature bridge allows safe travel over U.S. Highway 180. The bridge, adorned with 104 Lone Stars, meets Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

All four trailheads have paved parking, drinking water, restrooms, trail information and accessible parking. Pay fees at the self-pay stations located at each trailhead, or at the Lake Mineral Wells State Park headquarters.

  • Weatherford Trailhead: Off FM 920, northwest of downtown Weatherford.
  • Garner Trailhead: Next to FM 113, two miles north of U.S. Highway 180.
  • State Park Trailhead: In Lake Mineral Wells State Park. A portion of the trail that connects the park to the Trailway has a steep grade.
  • Mineral Wells Trailhead: Next to U.S. Highway 281, four blocks south of U.S. Highway 180.

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Palo Pinto Mountains State Park

Palo Pinto Mountains State Park

The newest state park in Texas, Palo Pinto Mountains State Park, is located in the Western Cross Timbers Ecoregion of North Central Texas. The new park offers a great diversity of topography, as well as a great variety of plants and wildlife.

Palo Pinto Mountains State Park Topography Map

The park consists of 3,331 acres of land in the southwest corner of Palo Pinto County and extending into the southeast corner of Stephens County. The nearest town to the park is the picturesque community of Strawn, which will serve as the gateway to the park.

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Fossil Park


Mineral Wells Fossil Park provides the fossil enthusiast, palenontologist and student an excellent opportunity to see and collect well preserved "Pennsylvanian Period" fossils with ease and abundance. These fossils have been dated to be just over 300 million years old. Yes, you read correctly, you may collect and take fossils out of the park - for personal use only.

The park as it exists today is a result of 20 years of erosion of the old City of Mineral Wells landfill's borrow pit, which was closed in the early 1990s. The erosion of the borrow pit has revealed fossils documenting ancient sea species of crinoids (sea lilies), echinoids (urchins), brachiopods, pelecypods (clams and oysters), bryozoans, corals, trilobites (arthropods), plants and even primitive sharks.


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