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Mineral Wells ISD

Mineral Wells ISD is in transition. Calling computers in the classroom "technology integration" is not the case anymore. True digital learning environments are being created. Classrooms are being updated with tools that make the teachers more effective. Teachers are using tools such as document cameras and projectors to seamlessly present material to students. Students are engaged by the material and take an active part in their education by using the same tools.

Online material is brought into the learning environment without hindrance or awkwardness. Teachers and students know where the data is and equipment is in place to access the data. Parents are also in the "loop." Night classes are offered, without charge, to parents that want to learn the English language. These adult programs are to improve parent communication and are used to enable and encourage better communication at home with students about school work. Online parent portal is in place to keep parents informed on their student's progress.

Lessons are coordinated between grades and in departments and technology to make this information available to everyone at all times. State requirements are not "checked" after the fact. They are the starting point of every activity in the classroom. This brings the emergence of New Working Organizational Model where technology becomes an essential tool for students and educators.

  • It allows the flexibility to create new forms of collaborative and inquiry-based learning and, at the same time, improves academic performance.
  • To help educators improve educational programs by selecting and implementing technology throughout the district.
  • To enable MWISD personnel and students to expand their learning experiences through the use of technology.        
  • To continue to close the gap between technology's mere presence and its effective integration into curriculum to enhance student performance and to develop the skills needed to be productive in the 21st century.
  • To keep the Mineral Wells community informed and abreast of what is taking place with their students' education and the happenings throughout Mineral Wells ISD.

The major objectives of the plan are:

  • To work collaboratively with all departments in improving technology in Mineral Wells ISD will ensure that all Mineral Wells students will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with technology.
  • To establish a comprehensive technological infrastructure that promotes communication, learning, and enhances skill development for all stakeholders in the district and the community.
  • To provide the instructional needs of teachers and the learning needs of students.
  • To provide the district personnel with the preparation and professional development opportunities needed to help fully integrate technology and align with the SBEC Minimum Educator Technology Standards.
  • To provide the administrative staff and the support staff the technology tools needed to accomplish their planning, decision-making and administrative tasks.
  • To keep Mineral Wells ISD a safe and secure environment for all personnel and students through: telecommunication, video cameras, web pages, filtering, Parent Portal, School Messenger, and RaptorWare.
  • Expand students' knowledge base, critical thinking skills, problem solving, and decision making skills. Enable all students to access, gather, analyze and synthesize information in expedient and creative formats, as well as be able to work independently and collaboratively with others to find information and solutions.

The plan's expected outcomes are:

  • To increase student learning and achievement.
  • To increase the acquisition of and broaden the use of technology.
  • To improve classroom record management and teacher productivity.

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Weatherford College

Weatherford College, Mineral Wells Campus

Established in 1869, Weatherford College can still lay claim to be the oldest continuing educational institution west of the Mississippi River. Its District consists of five counties – Parker, Palo Pinto, Hood, Jack and Wise.

Weatherford College develops and maintains educational programs, student support services and activities appropriate to the needs of the communities served. The College provides programs that parallel the first two years of baccalaureate education, prepare students for vocational and professional degrees and provide valuable lifelong learning opportunities. Through its academic transfer and technical and career programs, Weatherford College has developed a national reputation for its academic standard and outstanding career programs.

The College strives to provide students with the right kind of environment to build strong foundations for future success. Our students transfer to universities and colleges throughout the United States and join the work force having received state-of-the art technical training.

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